As of yesterday, I'm older. I think it's a sign you're living a good life when your birthday rolls around and all you want to do is the same thing you do nearly every free weekend. Walk the dog, coffee, Buffy marathon, finish a shawl and a tasty dinner. Nothing exciting, but nice in a comfortable way. Not a bad way to end a year who's dominant theme was settling in.

I got myself a couple skeins of Sappho II and the Barbara Walker Treasury of Knitting Patterns and it's sequal.

Here's the shipwreck shawl I finished with a wool/bamboo blend. I planned to use it as a table cloth for the kitchen table, but apparently I should have read the pattern. I ended up about 25% short on yarn and had to stop about 20 rows short. Still love it, though, so what else can I do but find a new table?


The new nephew got not only a qulit, but a hedgehog and a mushroom. I'm trying to buy his love. I feel no shame about this.


Still plucking my way through Mom's madli shawl. I'm hoping I can get it to the smooth sailing point and do the bulk of it on my trip to Turkey. Meanwhile, I'm working on a new pattern for this skein of Malabrigo sock.