Sizable Undertakings

Somehow my knitting projects have been reflected in the weather - challenging, tediously grandiose and not particularly necessary, just like glacier drifting over my freshly scooped driveway. This is my Juneberry shawl. This design had patterning on both sides, which succeeded in turning my brain into a puddle of mush. I think the first chart nearly brought me to tears as I tried to figure out which way the decreases were supposed to lean, and how on earth I was supposed to accomplish that on the purl side.

The end result is pretty gorgeous though. Ignore how wonky the center spine is. I lack blocking skills.

Instead of the worsted weight the pattern called for, I used Skinny Bugga in Sooty Dancer, so the end result was about the same size as my Haruni. I really love this yarn. It's both strong and soft, and Sanguine's dying is gorgeous. I have another skein that will probably become socks. I imagine it'll hold up pretty well to my woefully inadequate fabric care.

Next up, I'm doing entrelac, which involved learning to knit backwards. I think I should get a badge for learning this. After all, the Girl Scouts gave me one for learning how to set the table, and backward knitting takes far more skill.

The plan is for this to be a new throw pillow cover for my couch. This yarn is the new Chroma from Knitpicks. I'm not sure if it's really  the best choice. It's super soft, but single ply and with a loose twist at that. I'm guessing that it won't withstand the love of a dachshund for long, but should still be an upgrade from my existing pillows which look like I stole them from Martha Stewart's reject pile.