Los Dos

Finished knitting two shawls this week. I started this one in March. It's for Mom to wear at Michelle's wedding in a couple weeks. The pattern is from Knitted Lace of Estonia, and it's 100% silk. I have gained much wisdom from this shawl.

Silk - not as awesome as you'd think. It's a bit unforgiving, sticky, and snags on everything.

The Estonian love affair with nupps makes me question their sanity.

My gauge is ridiculously loose. This shawl was supposed to be 14 inches wide. It's 24". I stopped six repeats short and it's still longer than it's supposed to be. Getting gauge is for the weak.

Since that was so epic, I took a break and jumped on the Haruni bandwagon while finishing it. This was made with 130 grams of Sanguine Grypon's Sappho II in the color "Salt Under the Sea". I love it, so much I've been glaring at the sun trying to will the weather to drop 20 degrees.

I did not love working with this yarn. One skein was a tiny bit felted, which is annoying. I stil love the final result, but probably won't get Sappho again. I do have some Bugga on the way, though. Never used that before, but if the fawning on Ravelry can be trusted, it's probably made out of unicorn mane and mermaid hair.

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