It wasn't supposed to go like this

Back in August, I took the process pledge on my latest quilt. Well, here's the update. I'm a liar. My last post gave a nice neat picture - find inspiration, do math, buy fabric, make quilt, accept compliments.

Here is reality:

  • Start making prototype of intended block
  • Realize I forgot to add in seam allowances
  • Be annoyed and throw in a corner for three months
  • Start staring guiltily at pile of fabric
  • Try new prototype, this time being smart enough to use scrap fabric
  • Decide it looks dumb and abandon idea altogether
  • Have a beer
  • Have a completely new idea
  • Do some math on a post-it
  • Start cutting
  • Run out of fabric
  • Realize I didn't compare the math to how much fabric I actually had
  • Have a glass of wine and sew as many blocks as I can
  • Call fabric store and have them send more
  • Look around to see if anyone noticed how responsible I was when I wrote down the fabric's identifyer
  • Make more blocks
  • Get sick of making blocks
  • Design a completely different quilt that would allow me to use the existing blocks, but not have to make more
  • Ditch that and go back to making blocks
  • Redo math to see if I could just put a thicker border on instead of making blocks
  • Realize that my current plan would result in a quilt the size of Rhode Island
  • Rejoice!
  • Cross 60 blocks off the list
  • Update blog