Before I cut

I came across the process pledge last night, and since I've been hemming and hawing over what's going to be my most ambitious quilt yet, it might be a good one to share what I've been thinking. Usually, I find inspiring fabrics, buy random amounts, fiddle until I find a block or two that I like, make a bunch of those, lay them out on the floor, take pics, and look at the pics until the right layout rises to the top. The alternative layouts in my most recent square baby quilt pattern and my tetris quilt pattern show that.

I want to make a quilt for my bedroom. My hope is that it can be a gorgeous, well-made piece that I can show off for years. And, holy crap, I'm intimidated by that.

My original inspiration was a tile I saw in a museum in Istanbul. I couldn't take pics there. I tried to sketch it (and failed) and kept my eye out for the rest of the trip for the same design, and never saw it again.

But, hooray for the internet! It took all my Google-fu, but I found this -

From there, comes the graph paper. I figured each square would be an inch and layed out what a block would be. I had to shift around where the blocks would end a couple times. I want to find the block that would be the easiest to construct. I'm SUPER worried about my seams lining up, so the easier I make it on myself the better.

It's going to be two colors, and since it should be a more intricate design, I didn't want prints that were distracting. I'm doing grey on grey, which is quite the change for a lover of color. My thought is that by going more neutral, I will create something more timeless. I might use a bolder fabric for the backing. I'm thinking a red batik - bold color, but mellow, organic and hopefully stands the test of time.

From the graph paper, I moved onto paper templates. I've never done this before, but I really wanted to touch it and work through the specific. I think it was helpful, and at a minimum, it saved me a lot of fabric.

I'm thinking about finishing already. I might use this as an excuse to get a walking foot so that I can have neat, crisp outlines of the tile pattern. Or, if I feel up to it at the time, I might hand quilt it, another first for me.

Intense. Why do I do this to myself?