Feminist Fantasies

Sara Mosie posted an article arguing that Etsy is peddling a false feminist fantasy that ladies (the site is predominantly made up of women that are me in 10 years) can make a living selling their handicrafts on the site. I think one can split hairs as to whether or not they are 'peddling' it, but there's no question that a lot of women dream to make their crafts their career via Etsy or their sites, which is a bit, well, silly. There's a reason I don't sell things I make - Ms. Trout-Wisneski did a good job teaching me math. But Sara does make a good point - why are we doing this? We sure aren't getting rich.

I don't want to make a career as a designer. I never want to teach a class or go on tour or host a seminar. My day job is a perfectly sufficient false feminist fantasy, thank you.

It's not classy, but the truth is I have an ego, and it would like attention please. I like seeing people making things I designed. Pictures of monster booties on cute babies make me squeal with delight. Those little "loves" on Ravelry? Yeah, I'm obsessive about those. Google analytics gets checked at least once a day, usually more. If I'm going to do anything, I'm going to do it the best I can, and each of those is another indicator of progress.

In the next month or so, I'm going to post my first pattern that will be for sale where I'll keep the cash (sales from the last one I sold were donated to the food bank). If I sell any, I'll blow the cash on a new pair of shoes, a nice dinner, or ridiculously expensive yarn I'd never buy otherwise. Selling patterns is completely different than giving them away. It's a whole new audience and a new challenge.

And why the heck not? Beats watching John and Kate Plus 8.