Scrap Baby Quilt

Posts have been light, as I've been busy being non-crafty. It's my final semester of grad school (I'd do a victory lap if I wasn't so tired). After finishing some important tests for school, I rewarded myself by ordering the wedding ring shawl. For the non-knitters among you, this thing is epic. A knitted marathon. The overview of the instructions is 18 pages, and it uses about 3,500 yards of gossamer weight yarn (a sweater uses about 1,000 yards).  I'm expecting it to take a year to complete. When finished, the 72" square shawl is supposed to be so delicate that the whole thing can slide, tip to tip, through a wedding band.I think I have a thing for conquering obscenely difficult things.

But, this weekend I was on Spring Break, so it seemed like a good time for something fast and easy that would clean some scraps. I made a baby quilt top for one of the many babies being gestated among my friends and family.

The idea behind this quilt is that it can become a game to play with the wee one when on the floor. There are two blocks of each fabric, so you can point out one fabric or color and have the kiddo jump to the matching block. I think this could be a fun way to teach colors and shapes.

Baby scrap quilt.

Matching Game Quilt

Finished size

46" square


  • 18 pairs of 6.5" squares of scrap fabric
  • .5 yard Color A for sashing
  • 5/8ths Color B for sashing (the +)
  • 50" x 50" Batting
  • 1 1/3rd yards backing fabric
  • 1/3rd yard for binding
  • Yarn for tieing
  • Thread and other common quilting notions


From Color A, cut eight 2" strips the width of the fabric. Cut these down to eighty-four 2"x3.5" pieces (A1).

From Color B, cut ten 2" strips the width of the fabric. Cut these down to:

  • Thirty-five 5"x2" pieces (B1)
  • Fourteen 3.5"x2" pieces (B2)
  • Eighty-four 2" squares (B3)

Baby quilt top


Sew all seams at .25" inches.


Create forty-two vertical bars by sewing a 2" square of Color B to either side of a 2"x3.5" piece of Color A (or B3-A1-B3). Press seams.

Create seven rows of sashing by sewing B2, A1, B1, A1, B1, A1, B1, A1, B1, A1, B1, A1, B2. Press seams.

baby quitl


Sew the vertical bars to each of the 6.5" squares and press seams.

Lay the blocks in a six by six grid how you'd like the final quilt to look, being careful not to have matching blocks near each other.

Sew the blocks together to form the rows, and add a final vertical bar to the end. Press seams.

Alternating a row of sashing then a row of blocks, then sew the rows together until all have been sewn. Press the top of the quilt well.


Back and bind.

Scrap quilt top finished