Monkey Baby Quilt

This was a quilt made for a friend's first born.

Finished size: 48" or 4' square.

This is a good size for a small child's bed or to lay on the floor where a baby can play.



  • Main fabric (Monkeys) - 1 yard I used Monkey 'n Round by Erin Michael for Moda.
  • Bars (stripes) - 1 yard (doesn't matter if the stripes run with or cross grain)
  • Squares (polka dots) - 1/3rd yard


  • Binding - 3/8th yard. If you use the same as the square fabric (I did), you'll need 2/3rds of a yard total. (You might be able to squeak it out of 5/8th, but I wouldn't risk it.)
  • Backing - 1 1/2 yard 56" wide. If you use a 44" wide, you'll need to piece, in which case you'll need about 3 yards. I used a solid red.
  • Batting - 56" square. If you buy the pre-cut packages, you need a twin.


  • From the main fabric, cut seven 5" strips. Cut those down to 5" squares. You should have enough for 56 total. Block A.
  • If you are using stripes for the bar fabric, you'll need to cut them slightly differently. If your stripes run parallel to the selvedge, cut fourteen 2.5" strips, and cut them down to 2.5" x 5" rectangles. If the stripes run perpendicular to the selvedge, cut seven 5" strips and cut them down to 2.5" x 5" rectangles. You'll have 112 total. You'll need all of these, so be careful. If you want, you might buy a little extra fabric. Vertical = Block B1. Horizontal = Block B2.
  • From the fabric for the squares, cut four strips of 2.5", and cut them down to 2.5" squares. 64 total. Again, you'll need all of these. If you're using this fabric for the binding, you can cut five more 2.5" strips now. Block C.


Piecing on this quilt is very fast and easy, but you'll want to take extra care that the seams line up well. There are two rows- Row A (create 8): C B2 C B2 C B2 C B2 C B2 C B2 C B2 C Row B (create 7): B1 A B1 A B1 A B1 A B1 A B1 A B1 A B1 Press the seams. Sew together the strips alternating Row A and Row B, ending with Row A. Press all the seams.


Back the quilt. For the quilting, I stippled around the monkeys. On the corner squares, I outlined them and drew and X in the middle. Bind off.