Gavin's Baby Quilt Pattern


Check out my new nephew! His name is Gavin, and he's snuggly, cute, and all kinds of awesome.

Such a perfect little person clearly deserves a quilt. He's going to grow up to be either a marine biologist or an avid fisherman, so he got an aquatic theme. Or my sister was doing his bedroom in brown and blues, and thus the colors.

Here's the pattern. I am writing this off my notes and haven't tested it, so you are forewarned that there might be typos. Please let me know if you have any issues.

The center of this quilt is comprised of one piece that is arranged to create a design that resembles seaweed.

Finished size

36" x 42" - I tend to make baby quilts larger than crib size, because babies aren't crib size for very long.



  • Color A (fish prints): If you use one color, you will need 1/2 yard, but this would also be a good place to get rid of scraps.
  • Color B (water bg color): 1/4th a yard - you will need a full 9" of width, so you might want to buy more to be safe
  • Color C (turquoise border and binding): 1 1/4 yards
  • 42" x 48" Batting
  • Backing fabric - 1 1/4 yards of 56" fabric
  • Thread and other common quilting notions


  • Color A - Cut five (5) 2.5" x width of fabric strips
  • Color B - Cut two (2) 4.5" x width of fabric strips
  • Color C - Cut three (3) 2.5" x width of fabric strips


Center piecing

Sew one Color A strip to each of the Color B and Color C strips. Press seams.

Cut each of these down into 2.5" pieces. The pieces created from Color B should look like the below. This is 'Piece 1", which should be 6.5" square. Set aside those created from Color C for when you're read to work on the border.

Sew together an inverted and upright Piece 1 along the long edge. Press seam, and sew another Piece 1 to the block so that the squares alternate sides. Press seams. Your completed block should look like this.

Keeping all blocks upright, sew together six rows of five blocks. Press seams.

Alternate upright and inverted rows, making sure that the squares do not line up. Sew together. Press seams.

This completes the center of the quilt. It should be approximately 30.5 x 36.5 inches.


I don't cut borders until the center piecing is done, since size can get off. I recommend measuring and adjusting for your quilt's actual size.

From the remaining Color C fabric, cut

  • Two 2.5 x 30.5" strips
  • Two 2.5 x 38.5" strips
  • Two 2.5 x 32.5" strips
  • Two 2.5 x 40.5" strips

Sew the 2.5 x 30.5" strips to the top and bottom of the central block. Press seams.

Sew the 2.5 x 38.5" strips to the sides. Press seams.

Using the pieces you set aside ealier, piece the second border. Being sure to alternate the print and solid, piece together two strips of fifteen (15) squares and two of twenty (20) squares.

Sew the shorter strips to the top and bottom. Press seams, and sew longer strips to the sides. Press seams.

Sew the 2.5 x 32.5" strips to the top and bottom. Press seams, and sew the final 2.5" x 40.5" strips to the sides. Press seams.

This is the completed quilt top. It should be approximately 34.5" x 40.5"

Quilt and bind. I quilted it to emphasize the movement of the water, stitching in some little fish as I went.