dishcloth Here is a washcloth for my hand-made house. This is one of many I will end up having to make. I really enjoyed this one. It was a good mental break from the socks I've been working on. After tinkering with those 1s for 4 weeks, the size 8s never felt so good.

Super easy to make. Finished size is 9" square.


  • A ball Peaches and Cream yarn.
  • Size 8 knitting needles
  • Darning needle


I didn't bother with gauge since it's just a wash cloth. Walk on the wild side.

CF - slip one stitch to cable needle, k1 from other needle, k1 from cable needle. Or the perfect place to learn how to cable without a cable needle. You'll never go back.


Cast-on 37 sts.

K on both side for four rows, ending on WS. (It looks the same on both sides)

Row 1 - K4 *p2 k1 Repeat from star 9 more times k3

Row 2 - K3 *p1 CF Repeat from star 9 more times p1 k3

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until it's the length you want.

K4 rows.

Bind off, weave in ends, wash things.