Seed Stitch Washcloth

Super easy to make. Finished size is about 9" or 10" square. It's almost embarassing to write this up as a patttern, because it's so simple, but what they hey. New knitters - it's perfect for you. Experienced knitters - seed stitch is a great gentle scrubby texture for washcloths.

No gauge. It's a washcloth. Walk on the wild side.


A ball Peaches and Cream yarn. Size 8 knitting needles Darning needle


Cast-on 38 sts K four rows Rows 1 & 2: k3 *p2 k2 Repeat from * 8 times k3 Rows 3 & 4: k3 *k2 p2 Repeat from * 8 times k3 Repeat rows 1 -4 until it's the length you want. K four rows. Bind off, weave in ends, scrub.

seed stitch knit dishcloth