Knit Monster Baby Booties

Note 2/6/11: I've created a new version of this design with improved construction and more sizes (this version runs small). Find the improved monster booties pattern here. The crochet version of these booties were such a hit that I wrote a pattern for knitting. These booties will fit 0-3 months on a small baby. They are pretty small, so you might want to use larger needles than I did.

finished booties



  • Worsted weight yarn for the sole. Caron Simply Soft in Bone.
  • Fuzzy yarn for the monster foot. Moda-Dea Dream in Leaf.
  • Size 5 dpn
  • Tapestry needle



  • With worsted yarn, longtail cast on 8.
  • Row 1 - 16: stockinette stitch
  • Row 17: k2tog k4 k2tog
  • Row 18: purl
  • Row 19: k2tog k2 k2tog
  • Row 20: Cast off purlwise
  • Weave in ends

the sole


  • Switching to the fuzzy yarn, pick up and knit around the boarder of the sole. Start with the back and spread the stitches across 4 dpns - 6 stitches across the back (flat side), 9 stitches on each side, and 6 across the toe.
  • Rows 1 - 8: Knit
  • Row 9: k14 k2tog k4 k2tog k8
  • Row 10: k14 k2tog k2 k2tog k8
  • Row 11: k14 k2tog k2tog k8
  • Row 12: k13 k2tog k2tog k7
  • Rows 13-18: 1k1p ribbing
  • K1-P1 bind off and weave in ends


I made the claws by tying French Knots with doubled up yarn. I wouldn't use beads or buttons, although they would be cute, due to the choking hazard.

monster baby booties