Marhaban Socks

I have a new sock pattern.

Why this pattern is great:

  • Toe up and cuff down instructions
  • Charts and written instructions
  • Fast knit that doesn't use much yarn
  • Simple lace stitch is easy to remember
  • Great for showing off yarns with fancy dye jobs
  • It's 25% off until November 15th!
Delightful in both solid and colorful yarns.
Delightful in both solid and colorful yarns.

I've actually been sitting on this pattern for a while. Dragging my well-adorned feet at every point of the design process. Not because the pattern isn't lovely - it is - or because I don't like them - I do - but because I had no idea what I would say in this blog post.

I'm donating the sales from this pattern through the month of November to the List Project, and I'm struggling to find the words to express how shameful it is to me that there is a need for the List Project. They work to help Iraqi translators get visa in order to relocate their families to the US. This American Life did a story on them a while back, and you can donate to them directly if knitting socks isn't your thing.

Why do they need to leave Iraq? Because, by virtue of helping Americans, they and their families are now targets for assassination. So, why do people whose lives are at risk due to helping American soldiers in a war zone need help getting American visas?


Bi-partisan efforts have been made. Everyone agrees. And yet...


So, I made a sock pattern and named it after an Arabic greeting. Futile perhaps, but maybe its sales can help an ally to hear "MarHaban" with two feet on safe, American soil.