Hexagon Phone Cozy

I made another cozy while toying around with stitch patterns for a pair of mittens I'm going to design using the latest skein of yarn StitchnPretty sent me. I love the little bits of silver the yarn has in it. Gussies it up, but isn't harsh on the hands when knitting. This one is going to a co-worker to protect her blackberry.


m1 - Make one - purl into the thread that runs between the stitch just worked and the next one on the needle

sl1 - Slip one - slip stitch to the right needle as if to knit

psso - Pass slipped stitch over - bring the slipped stitch off the left needle so that it wraps around the stitches worked since slipping it. This is a decrease.


Figure 8 cast on 48 sts (24 on needle, 24 on cable)

Rounds 1 & 2 - P3 k1 - Repeat 11 more times

Round 3 - P3 sl1 k4 psso - Repeat 5 more times

Round 4 - P3 k1 p1 m1 p1 k1 - Repeat 5 more times

Round  5- P3 k1 - Repeat 11 more times

Round  6- *P3 k1  Repeat from * 10 more times p3

Round 7: Using the last unworked st from row 6, *sl1 k4 psso p3 Repeat from * 5 more times k1

Round 8: P1 m1 p1 k1 p3 k1 - Repeat 5 more times

Repeat rounds 1-8 six more times, for a total of seven.

Work 12 rounds 1x1 ribbing (k1 p1)

Cast off loosly and weave in ends