Monster Baby Booty Pattern

Knitted version

These booties are really quick and easy to crochet. I made this out of yarn in the stash. They don't take much yarn. You could also make them out of green or other great monster colors.

These booties will fit 0-3 months on a small baby. They are pretty small, so you might want to use larger hook than I did.

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  • Worsted weight yarn for the sole
  • Fuzzy yarn for the monster foot. (I lost the label on mine, so I'm not sure what yarn it is, but any novelty yarn should be fine.)
  • Size I hook
  • Tapestry needle


Each turn counts as the first sc for the row.


With worsted yarn, ch 6.

Row 1: Skip the first two ch (these become the first sc) sc4 (5 total)

Rows 2-9: Turn. sc 4.

Row 10: Turn. dc, tc, dc, sc. Pull yarn through and weave in ends.


Join the white to the sole at the back corner (not the rounded end). We will sc around the outside of the sole. There will be 4 stitches on the front and back and 6 on each side (a total of 20 stitches). The stitches down the side don't naturally fall in line with the rows in the sole, but you can work them in at an even spacing.

Rows 1 - 3: Ch 2 (the first sc) sc19. Join.

Row 4: Turn. sc 5 (this should bring you to the start of the toe), sc4tog, sc10. Join.

Row 5: Turn. sc 8 (since you were going in the opposite direction, this should also put you at the start of the toe), sc3tog, sc5. Join.

Row 6 & 7: Turn. sc 14. Join. Pull yarn through and weave in ends.


I made the claws by tying French Knots. I wouldn't use beads or buttons, although they would be cute, due to the choking hazard.